More On Christian Saying He's Not Retired, Tells Fan That Jerry Lawler Is Wrong

As noted earlier, Christian appeared at last night's "Drags to Riches" charity event in Tampa, Florida, which he hosted with Chris Jericho. Christian told fans at the event that he was not retired. Thanks to reader Alicia Fleming for sending the report below from the event, as well as the photo above:

I attended the charity event "Drags to Riches" last night in Tampa, Florida hosted by Chris Jericho and Christian. I spoke to Christian for a bit and asked him the burning question I've at least had since Jerry Lawler blurted out on RAW that Christian was indeed retired from the ring. His response, however, kinda surprised me since Lawler and Heyman both mentioned it on RAW. His answer was, "No, I am not retired." I then said, "well, Lawler said it on RAW." His response was, "I know, and he is wrong."

I have been a Christian fan for a long time and told him, "good," because he deserves to go out his way and not someone else telling the world. I then told him he deserves a retirement ceremony like Edge did. Christian smirked and said, "Well, I don't know about that." I then told Captain Charisma that indeed he did. He is that good and deserves so much better. So you can put it to rest, Captain Charisma himself said he is NOT retired.

I had a few other conversations with him and he was great and very sweet. As was Chris Jericho, he is a class act. I got both of their autographs, and a picture with them both [which is above]. I would be honored to meet both again if given the chance.

Just a quick note, the charity they were there raising money for sold 1,000 tickets. It was a great success and hope they do it again.


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