The Big Show Talks Randy Savage Being Intense, Savage Ribbing Jim Duggan, Kane, His Longevity

Mike Jones of DC 101 interviewed The Big Show, who discussed Smackdown moving to Thursday night and his memories and stories about 2015 WWE Hall of Fame inductee "Macho Man" Randy Savage. You can listen to the full interview here, below are some highlights:

Macho Man Memories:

"Randy was a very eccentric, very intense individual. If he had a big match on a day and you weren't his opponent, you just knew not to talk to Randy, you knew not to say hi to him. Because Randy only focused on what he had to do that day. Randy was in such a zone that he wasn't a guy that you chit chat and BS with. Randy was intense all the time. At the same time, outside of the workplace, Randy was one of the most exciting, fun guys to be around, that had so much energy, that laughed about things."

Macho Man and Jim Duggan:

"Macho had a real dry sense of humor, sometimes you didn't know if he was serious or if he was joking, you had to know his personality. So their program was done, and Duggan sees Macho in the hall and says, 'Hey Macho, how are you?' And Macho's walking by and says, 'Screw you Duggan, program's over.' And Duggan came in and sat down, and was like, 'God I thought we were friends. Wow.' It was just Macho Man teasing Duggan."

On he and Kane being the last two from the beginning of Smackdown still on the roster:

"Kane and I are pretty stubborn, we're both able to compete at a good level. We both enjoy helping the younger guys come along to develop their characters and it's still fun for both of us. There's no pressure for Kane and I like for the younger guys to try and find out who they are as characters."

Source: DC 101


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