Vince Russo's Theory About Why Hulk Hogan Is Inducting Randy Savage Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Vince Russo appeared on WrestleTalkTV to discuss "Macho Man" Randy Savage being inducted into the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame, which you can watch above.

Russo briefly mentioned that there were rumors and stories about why Savage hasn't been inducted up until now, which he didn't want to get into because he didn't want to speculate. He noted that he was a huge Savage mark, and he made sure that his first task after getting the job as editor of WWF Magazine in the 90's was to interview Savage at his home.

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Russo noted that when he met with Savage, Savage made it clear to him that he was not on good terms with Hulk Hogan. Russo said that while Savage and Hogan may have patched up their relationship, that their relationship wasn't going to be back to where it once was. Russo said that "at best" both men were being civil.

Russo wondered if Hogan inducting Savage was a case of WWE knowing that they had to put Savage in the WWE Hall of Fame at some point, and with Hogan inducting Savage, Vince McMahon gets the last laugh. Russo said that while he doesn't know for this to be the case for sure, knowing McMahon, he "would not doubt that for a second."

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