WWE Attorney Responds To New "Concussion Lawsuit" Filed By Former WWE Talents

- As noted, former WWE talents Vito Lograsso (Big Vito) and Evan Singleton (Adam Mercer in developmental) have filed a class-action "concussion lawsuit" against WWE in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit seeks unspecified economic damages and medical monitoring. They are being represented by the same lawyer who was hired by former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes in his lawsuit against the company.


WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt issued the following statement in response to the lawsuit this evening:

"This lawsuit is virtually identical to one filed by the same lawyers in Oregon, neither of which have any merit. WWE has never concealed any medical information related to concussions, or otherwise, from our Talent. WWE was well ahead of sports organizations in implementing concussion management procedures and policies as a precautionary measure as the science and research on this issue emerged. We will vigorously contest this lawsuit."