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After all of NXT’s dynamic intro packages, we hunker down for all the actions. Lucha Dragons hit the ramp first.

Lucha Dragons vs. Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan

Tye stars off against Kalisto and the chops start a-flyin’. After some back and forth, Jordan tags in and catches Kalisto in mid-air. He moves into the dominant spot quickly. Jason and Tye tag in and out quickly and remain on top. Tye earns a near fall and then works Kalisto over on the mat. After getting a second wind, Kalisto brings in Sin Cara who turns things around for his team. He hits Dillinger with a sunset bomb on his opponent off the ropes and follows up with a three-count for the win.

Result: Lucha Dragons win via pinfall.

Post match, The VaudeVillains mount a sneak attack on the Dragons and the announce team call for medics.

CJ Parker and Bull Dempsey talk about Baron Corbin backstage. CJ and Corbin will meet in the ring later.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass introduce Carmella. Then Big Cass calls out Blue Pants for a match.

Blue Pants vs. Carmella

The crowd chants “Let’s go Blue Pants!” as the ladies lock up. Carmella takes control quickly and thwarts efforts by Blue Pants to put together some offense. She keeps Blue Pants on the mat for a short stretch until Enzo momentarily distracts her, giving Blue Pants the chance to roll up Carmella for the surprise pin.

Result: Blue Pants defeats Carmella via pinfall.

After the bell, Carmella chases the guys around to vent her frustration.

CJ Parker vs. Baron Corbin

Parker emerges with a handwritten cardboard sign that reads “You can break my sign but you’ll never break my spirit.” Corbin lumbers out next. Bull Dempsey is at ringside. After the bell, Corbin stares down Dempsey and then picks up Dempsey for Snake Eyes and ultimately follows with End of Days for a quick win.

Result: Baron Corbin defeats CJ Parker via pinfall.

Post-match, Baron Corbin asks Dempsey if he’s going to keep running scared and then heads outside where they mix it up for a minute or two. A bunch of refs scramble out to break it up.

Backstage, Regal announces that Sami Zayn will return to NXT next week. Curtis Axel barges in and says he wants a match and Regal books him against Hideo Itami on the next episode.

Charlotte comes out to the venue for an in-ring interview and reprimands the crowd for chanting while she’s a-talkin’. She says Sasha is the toughest opponent she’s faced but notes that she’s also beaten Banks twice now. Sasha appears on the ramp to take issue and says that she and her pal Becky Lynch will now commence to beating down Naitch’s daughter. As they advance on the champ, Natalya’s music hits. She comes out to head them off, prompting Banks and Lynch to retreat.

WWE rolls a webcam promo by Sami Zayn who says he’ll address the betrayal by Kevin Owens when he gets back to NXT. Then we see Renee’s interview with Kevin Owens. Renee asks Owens why he stole Sami’s moment at [R]Evolution and Steen gets irritated by the verbiage and he storms out. Then the main event is within sight?

Hideo Itami and Finn Balor vs. The Ascension

The announce team debates whether Hideo is bigger than John Cena or Ric Flair in Japan. After the bell, everybody throws down. The Ascension gets rolled out and the ref holds back Hideo and Finn so he can get the thing re-started. Balor and Viktor end up squaring off and Viktor struggles to stay in it. Hideo tags in and he keeps it up with some strikes and a big kick to the back. Balor comes back in over the top rope and gets a near fall. Finn stays on top of things, bringing Hideo back in. Mat grappling ensues and Balor comes back in. The Ascension finally sees daylight as Balor is knocked outside of the ring by Viktor. The show heads to break as Balor rolls on the floor outside.

On the other side of the commercial, we learn that The Ascension whooped up on Balor during the break. Konnor is now the legal man and Balor is getting all the punishment. Viktor comes back in and levels Finn with some chops, followed by a near fall. Konnor tags in and keeps things moving in The Ascension’s favor. A lengthy stretch of mat work ensues, peppered with near-falls, but no three-count. The Ascension tags in and out as they work over Finn Balor. Balor finally lands a huge kick on Konnor and tags in Hideo who cleans house. He mixes it up with Viktor and looks to get the win but Viktor counters and gets some momentum back. Viktor sets up Hideo for the win and Hideo scrambles out. Konnor returns but he’s taken out by Balor. Hideo finishes Viktor with a spin-kick and the three-count.

Result: Hideo Itami and Finn Balor defeat The Ascension via pinfall.

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