WWE Superstars Results: Erick Rowan Gets A Win, Fandango In Action

Cue the nostalgic photomontage, pyrotechnics and musical flourish: It's WWE Superstars. Following the intro, we get right down to ringside.

Erick Rowan vs. Tyson Kidd

Tyson dances around a bit before going at Erick and after he can't get the jump on Big Red, Kidd temporarily bails outside. Back in the ring, Tyson goes at his opponent again and makes a hasty retreat after Rowan gets out of a headlock. He charges Rowan again, they slug it out for a short spell and Tyson escapes once more. This time, Rowan gives chase and Kidd nails him with a kick from the apron to tip the scales in his favor. Kidd works Rowan over on the apron and then takes it to him in the corner. Erick is still too big for Kidd to win a straight-up grappling contest, though, and he flips Kidd off his back and tosses him around the ring. Rowan puts Kidd away with a full nelson slam and the cover for a win.

Result: Erick Rowan defeats Tyson Kidd via pinfall.

WWE re-racks footage from Edge and Christian's appearance on Monday Night Raw as well as Brock Lesnar's return to the show. We get a look at the disintegration of the Shield and a recap of Reigns vs. Rollins from earlier this week. Then we're back in action.

R-Truth vs. Fandango

Fandango pursues Truth off the bell and they lock up briefly. They end up on the mat and Truth gains a slight advantage from that point forward. Fandango gets dumped outside and suggests that he's injured a leg in the fall. After a short break, we return to the show and Truth continues to dominate Fandango. Fandango manages to turn it around and stomps Truth good before flipping him over for some mat work. He covers Truth for a near fall and then continues the onslaught. Truth eventually mounts a comeback, planting the dancer face-first and then crushing him in the corner. Fandango gets on top again, climbs the ropes for a leg drop and after he connects, the three-count follows.

Result: Fandango defeats R-Truth via pinfall.

WWE rounds out this episode by rolling the Cutting Edge Peep Show segment Monday Night Raw and then Episode 299 of WWE Superstars is in the books.


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