WWE Total Divas Recap: Natalya Has A Pot Brownie?, John Cena & Nikki Bella End Split, Paige

The show begins with a cold, hard look at a "heart-to-heart" between John Cena and Nikki Bella. John wants Nikki to take some time and give their relationship some thought and she tells the audience that she feels like she can't win in the relationship, seeing as how she's already agreed to forgo marriage and children. They're going to take a break and see where their hearts take them.

We also see Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella at home discussing the situation between John and Nikki. They both seem somewhat befuddled. Brie discusses the family confab the Bellas had with John and says she's surprised that John didn't tell Nikki about it. Later, Brie talks to John backstage and asks why he didn't tell Nikki about the family's "come to Jesus" meeting with him and he explains that he didn't want to cause any undue tension in the family. Brie is impressed with John's diplomacy.

Paige chats about being an attention-grabbing Diva at such a young age. Natalya and Rosa watch Paige do her thing from backstage. We see Paige in action in the ring against Naomi and she's firing on all cylinders.

The Bella twins chat while they're on the road and Nikki says she can't imagine life without John. Then they stop for donuts.

Next, Paige and Natalya go out on the town and Paige announces she's going to get "white girl wasted." Thank goodness there's a camera crew along for the ride, eh? Natalya isn't hip to the whole party scene and when someone hands her a brownie, she takes a bite. Paige comes over and tells her it's a "happy brownie," so Natalya jettisons the tainted treat in the toilet. She's ready to go home, so they head out.

Brie and Daniel meet some of Brie's family at a restaurant. Brie begins to lash out at her family because she feels like she's in a bad situation between Nikki and John. She wants the family to come clean about their talk with John but Mom and JJ aren't really into that.

Emma, Paige and Natalya hit the gym and Paige brings up the party scene from the night before. Natalya is sweating the bite from that tainted brownie and Paige tries to tell her that it's no big deal. Nattie hits the treadmill hard and says she needs to drink some water to cleanse out her system. She's freaking out.

Later, we get a look at some backstage booking as one of the WWE suits chats with the Divas roster about the Steph/Brie angle. The ladies are excited because it's going to be a really big deal.

Back at the Bellas' family home, Nikki tells her kin that John wants to spend some time apart. The family is unsurprisingly… unsurprised. Then Brie spills the beans that the family had confronted John about where their relationship was going. Brie explains that the family didn't want to see her give up everything—including motherhood and marriage—for a man. Nikki is pretty darn peeved at the revelation and a family brawl ensues. It's a good thing they don't have folding chairs in their breakfast nook. After a lot of finger pointing and yelling, Nikki stomps off. Brie calls to her, saying she's the one who drove her there, which is a good way to cap that scene.

After some commercials, we come back to the Bellas and they're all on the sidewalk arguing. Mom shoos JJ back in the house so that she can deal with Nikki. Inside, JJ spars with Brie. It's ugly, people. After striking out with Nikki, Mom heads back in and falls out with Brie. Brie then tries to talk with Nikki outside but Nikki flips her the bird and drives away.

Nikki runs back into John's arms… literally, even. She splits her skirt when she jumps into his arms, giving her driver a full moon. Or at least a gibbous moon.

John and Nikki talk it out but it doesn't really help Nikki's frame of mind. She's still pretty torqued at Brie.

One week later at Monday Night Raw, the ladies hang with Titus backstage. They learn that it's drug-testing day. WWE staff also ring up Cameron and Natalya and tell them it's drug testing day as the Diva-duo is en route to the venue. Natalya freaks out… again. Cameron tells the audience that Natalya's acting like a five year-old. Nattie starts driving crazy, saying that if she gets into a car accident, it'll be a good reason to miss the drug test.

The show takes another break and we return to see Nattie crashing her car into a dumpster (at a low speed, mind you), which is not exactly a stroke of brilliance by most standards. She considers going to the E.R. to get "checked out" but Cameron finally talks some sense into her.

Nikki and Brie talk outside the show and Nikki lays it all out, telling Brie that she'll work with her on screen but that they're definitely on the outs from this point forward. Brie tries to apologize again but she might as well talk to the hand.

Natalya and Cameron arrive at the show and Nattie is sweating bullets. We'll find out the results of her test after another break. Maybe.

Back on the show, Nataya has officially peed in a cup and she is now forced to wait two weeks for the results. She chats it up with Rosa, Paige, Cameron and Emma and then starts to leave when Cameron starts telling everyone about their crazy trip to the show. Nattie tries to stop her from telling the tale, Paige cracks up with laughter and Natalya storms away.

The show shifts to Nattie's place and Paige stops by for a surprise visit. Paige brings a bunch of cat toys as gifts because Natalya loves her kitty. Then Paige drops a bomb, telling Natalya that there was never any pot in the brownies to begin with and that she was just trying to get Nattie to lighten up. Natalya is not exactly happy with Paige, as one might well imagine by this point in the show. Paige apologizes for her bad joke and says she'll pay for Nattie's "car accident."

Natalya tells the audience that she thinks Paige should be a little more respectful, seeing as how the young Diva has only been on the main roster for 6 months. After Paige leaves, Nattie discusses Paige briefly with her cat. Yes, really.

Backstage at SummerSlam, Nikki talks of her enthusiasm for her heel turn on Brie, telling Paige that she's not getting along with her sister now, anyway. Turns out Brie is pretty psyched for the storyline, too. We get a look at some of the action from Brie's SummerSlam match with Stephanie McMahon. It's a nice reminder of how Steph made that whole match work. The Divas roster watches it all go down backstage and they're noticeably impressed with the punch Nikki lands on Brie. That's a wrap for this week.

Included in the preview scenes from the forthcoming season of Total Divas is the revelation that Rosa has a serious crush on Paige. Looks like there will be some relationship trials for Eva Marie and her beau, too. Round it all out with more "Nikki and John" drama than you can shake a stick at. Looks like an interesting season of this show is on the horizon.


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