Backstage Talk On WWE's Main Roster Talents Being Frustrated Over NXT

- According to Bryan Alvarez of, there is said to be discontent on WWE's main roster right now over how NXT talents are given the chance to go out and put on great matches while most main roster talents are restricted to short nothing matches on TV, especially if they are Divas.


Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter added to the story on his message board:

"So story is accurate but it's inherent. It was the same thing in the OVW days, well not exactly the same, but similar. I get DMs from people on the main roster always after those specials. It's a common frustration. The top NXT performers are frustrated they aren't on the main roster making money. Then they will get more frustrated when they realize their dream. WWE guys are frustrated they aren't having the matches guys in NXT are when they know if they can perform before 400 fans in longer matches they can tear the house down."