Bayley Talks About Who Her Character Is, Being Inspired By Randy Savage, Working With Charlotte

WWE NXT Diva Bayley recently spoke with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald. The full interview is available at this link. Below are some highlights:

The Bayley character:

"It comes kind of natural being Bayley. Watching wrestling already made me excited. When I was younger, going to live events, I was so into it and just felt something inside me that made me feel driven to do it; so when I go out to the ring, it's a natural fire for me. I can't help but smile. Bayley is a dream chaser. She's grown up watching the product, wrestling, WWE, everything. She knows everyone, from top to bottom, all the history. She's been motivated since she was 10-years-old and is finally here, trying to pursue the dream, live the dream to the fullest."

WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage:

"I'm a huge Macho Man [Randy Savage] fan. Him being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year is so cool, and it's in my hometown [San Jose]. His ring gear is actually what stood out to me when I first saw him. He was the first guy I saw ever in wrestling; so that's what hooked me to him and what got me into wrestling. I kind of base my gear to being very colorful, different shapes and a little bit of randomness, basing it off him."

NXT Women's Champion Charlotte:

"[Charlotte's] amazing. Sometimes we'll do stuff training, little warm-ups, and of course, she ups the ante on everything, and it turns out amazing. What she's done in her past matches...You guys have no idea...She's going to keep bringing it, and you'll continue to be surprised and in awe of her. She's great."

Source: The Miami Herald