Brad Maddox Debates Finding A New Job (Video), Seth Rollins Talks WWE PC, Bella Twins At Comic Con

- In the latest episode of Brad Maddon's YouTube series This Show Brad Made, Maddox debates whether he should quit his current job and find a new one. He said that he didn't want to quit, "but it's been eight months now." He noted that the free paychecks won't be coming forever. An Elsa doll makes an appearance at the end advising Maddox to "let it go." Tell me I just did not type that.

- As noted earlier, James Delow spoke to Seth Rollins on talkSPORT's new WWE podcast Gorilla Position. During the interview, Rollins discussed the WWE Performance Center.

"It is an amazing set up and certainly an accelerated system for guys who have never, ever learnt a thing about wrestling in their life," Rollins said. "t will pay dividends going forward but to me there's no replacement for having passion, heart and desire and just working your way from the bottom up. There are so many guys to learn from, so many styles. Guys who are well-travelled made millions and millions of dollars, everything there is to know about professional wrestling.

"If you can't learn from them in everything, how to cut promos, how to be a character, how to wrestle inide the rings, the ins and outs… And on top of that, you're getting paid to train! I had to pay to train, working odd jobs… If you're getting paid to live in sunny Florida and train under the greatest minds of our era and you can't succeed, you're just not built for this. Get out of here, do something else because you're not cut out for this."

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- The Bella Twins will be appearing at the Wizard World Madison Comic Con this Saturday at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. The Bellas will be signing autographs and posing for photos starting at 1:00 pm before participating in a Q&A session at 3:30 p.m. You can get more details by clicking here. We would appreciate photos from the appearance as well as reports from the panel, so if you are attending it, please let us know by clicking here.

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