Daniel Bryan On Which Fast Food Restaurant He Likes, Roman Reigns Note, Latest JBL & Cole Show

- Above is the latest episode of The JBL (Not Cole) Show.

- Roman Reigns will be appearing at iPlay America this Sunday from 11am to 2pm in Freehold, NJ. Tickets are required for admission, autographs and photo opportunities, you can get more details here.


- Daniel Bryan appeared once again on The Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll, which you can listen to on the Play.it Podcast Network and on CBS TV and Radio websites around the country. During the interview, Bryan noted that 90% of what producers shoot for Total Divas never makes it to air and that he doesn't watch the show even though his wife Brie Bella is a featured cast member. He also discussed his healthy eating habits while on the road and talked about eating at Chipotle.

"For the most part Chipotle tries to use as many local farms as possible to get their vegetables and meats," Bryan said. "I used to be vegan. I'm not anymore, but I don't eat hardly any meat. But it's nice for me to go to a place like Chipotle where I can get some fresh veggies, some brown rice, some black beans and all that kind of stuff."


He also said that he takes as much food as possible with him.

"I've prepared meals for an entire weekend and brought them with me," Bryan said. "There are some places in the south where there's not a whole lot. Sometimes there's cities where it's just hard to find healthy food. You just have to be prepared."

Bryan also talked about why he became a student of nutrition, what he discovered by becoming an avid reader, his passion for the environment and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.