Dean Ambrose Talks IC Title Losing Prestige, TV Guide Says NXT Star Is The Future, Bobby Fulton

- Dean Ambrose was a guest on the Rock 100.5 Morning Show in Atlanta earlier this week, which you can check out in the video above. During the interview, Ambrose talked fanny packs, girl scout cookies, why he doesn't like traveling with belts, Pro Wrestling Illustrated rankings and more. He was also asked about the Intercontinental title losing its prestige over the years.

"Somewhere along the line, everything got really confusing," Ambrose said. "[In] 2001 you've got WCW merging into WWE and bringing their championships, and then you've got two championships. You've got the United States Championship, you've got two tag team championships, and you've got so many guys, so much TV time. Titles start flipping back and forth, and everything got a little muddled."

- TV Guide has an article here listing 11 reasons why Finn Balor is the future of WWE. Some of the reasons include that he formed the Bullet Club, his 15 years of wrestling experience, his entrances and that he can be both a heel and a face.

- Give Me Sport has an article here based on an interview we conducted with Bobby Fulton, who was one-half of The Fantastics tag team. Fulton talked about WWE using his likeness and said that he believes he should be compensated. Our full interview with Fulton is here.

Christian contributed to this article.


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