Fans Flood Adam Rose With Bunny Photos, Latest Episode Of The JBL Show, WWE Stock Down

- The latest episode of The JBL Show, seen above,, features JBL looking to get back to his award-winning ways after being disappointed last week.

- WWE stock was down 2.12% today, closing at $16.17 per share. Today's high was $16.66 and the low was $16.01.

- For what it's worth, The Bunny is still listed on WWE's roster page. Adam Rose recently told fans on Twitter that The Bunny was missing and asked for fans to send him photos of Bunny sightings. After being flooded with all sorts of bunny photos, Rose asked fans to stop and said he doesn't care what The Bunny is doing as long as he's not bothering him. The Bunny hasn't appeared with Rose since the December 22nd RAW.


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