Gunner Talks "Macho Man" Randy Savage Being An Influence On His Career, Triple H, TNA Debut, More

Main Event Madness interviewed TNA star Gunner on their show. During the interview, Gunner discussed his origins into pro wrestling, biggest influences, and some of the biggest moments of his career. Below are some highlights:

His start into pro wrestling and being in the military:

"I did 4 years in the Marine Corp from 2002-2006. I was a Machine Gunner, I was on top of the truck with the ring mount, with the .50 cal or whatever weapon I had and I did my time. I actually started wrestling in 2001 after I got out of high school and went into the Marine Corps in 2002 and I wrestled the whole time I was in the military unless I was deployed. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and would travel 13-15 hours round trip, sometimes more every weekend, to do local independent shows in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina, kinda all over, something I did while I was in the military."

His TNA debut & the backstage mindset on Immortal:

"You know, I started with them we did the security thing, me and Murphy with Immortal and backstage it was really cool. I know that certain individuals, we all had the belief that when TNA started it was all about the younger talent. I know I've talked to fans and you get people's input here and there, but they really wanted to see TNA flourish and thrive on that young talent. You had AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, James Storm, Bobby Roode, all these guys who started in Impact Wrestling were all the younger talent and they helped build the company into what it is now and I think it was one of those things where the younger talent was put on the backburner a little bit so to say, but now it's picking back up a lot more. I do think there was a little animosity there, for me I looked at it as an opportunity, I was getting to work alongside [Hulk] Hogan and [Ric] Flair and for me, it was a learning experience."

The biggest influences on his character:

"A lot of the times and a lot of the things I do and wrestling's about, I don't wanna say stealing, but rehashing certain things. I'm a huge Macho Man fan, he's always one of those guys I still watch, still study and to me, he was way ahead of his time, his aggression his promos and even as a babyface, he never changed his intensity. A lot of his stuff and growing up I watched Triple H, which was one of my favorites and I loved to watch him sell, whether it be in a match or in a promo and his reaction because he always got people really invested and I could sit here and name names all day of guys I really loved, but Macho Man was one I still really enjoy and love to watch and learn from."

Source: Main Event Madness


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