Honky Tonk Man Talks Death Of Jimmy Snuka's Girlfriend, Tony Atlas Movie, Dory Funk Jr. Honored

- In the video above, The Honky Tonk Man talks working for Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka after his feud with The Ultimate Warrior. Honky noted that he asked Vince McMahon to work with Snuka. Honky also talked about the death of Snuka's ex-girlfriend, and said that he knew Jimmy and didn't think that he had anything to do with it.

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- WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas is available for bookings of any kind - wrestling matches, autograph sessions, meet & greets, seminars and private gatherings of almost any kind - at a great value. He is open for the rest of February and March. Tony will personally help promote any appearances and is able to drive throughout the northeast. You can email [email protected] with opportunities.

- There is also an Indiegogo campaign for a documentary looking at the career of Tony Atlas. Next Sunday, February 22nd at 4pm, Atlas will be interviewed at MWF Studios, 360 Main St. in Melrose, MA and will talk about everything from the Bruiser Brody murder, living under a park bench to being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. You can join him in a studio setting sharing his experiences, and fans can donate and receive a special dinner before WWE Fast Lane, personal drawings, autographs and other merchandise, personal phone calls and more. You can help produce the video by clicking here.

- Dory Funk Jr. was the recipient of the 2014 Pro-Wrestling Illustrated / Stanley Weston achievement award. PWI wrote:

"Few wrestlers have achieved as much during their in-ring career as Dory Funk Jr. the recipient of this year's Weston Award."

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