Lucha Underground Results (2/4): Alberto El Patron Debuts, Cage Vs. Johnny Mundo, More

- The show kicks off with Mariachi El Bronx performing in the temple.

Son Of Havoc (w/ Ivelisse) vs. Angelico

Havoc (or...Havoc's son, rather) grabs an arm ringer but eats a big dropkick. Ivelisse grabs Angelico's foot, and he turns around into a seated reverse gutwrench powerbomb. Havoc follows up with a standing moonsault for two.

Havoc goes for a sunset flip, but Angelico double foot stomps him. Angelico hits a beautiful flip over the top rope to Havoc and lands on his feet. Back in the ring, Angelico only gets a two count.

Havoc misses a shooting star press but lands on his feet. Angelico goes for Fall of the Angel, but Havoc turns it into a huracanrana. Ivelisse kisses him, but he accidentally knocks her off the apron and gets rolled up for the pin.

Winner: Angelico via pinfall (schoolboy roll up)

- Johnny Mundo is backstage talking to Dario Cueto and says he's ready to come back.

Famous B vs. Pentagon Jr

Pentagon punts B in the head right out of the gate, but B comes back with a springboard arm drag. Pentagon hits a super kick and a package piledriver, and applies a submission for the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr via submission

- Dario Cueto is shown backstage, warning someone of the woman that came looking for him.

Drago vs. Aerostar

Aerostar hits a huracanrana, enziguri and slinghsot double stomp for a two to start out. Aerostar jumps from the bottom rope inside the ring all the way out.

Back in the ring, Drago slams Aerostar down by his face and dropkicks him. He then hits a corkscrew flip to the outside. Aerostar does a handspring elbow where he flips, but doesn't post his hands for a handspring. Drago blockbuster DDT's him for the win.

Winner: Drago via pinfall (blockbuster DDT)

The two shake hands after the match, which Striker calls the "code of honor." Well.

Cage vs. Johnny Mundo

Cage comes out with the Lucha Underground World Title that he ripped in half. He hits a hiptoss backbreaker to kick things off. Mundo battles back with some kicks and a foot sweep. He then hits a weird looking spin kick when Cage is hung up on the ropes.

Cage powerbombs Mundo into the ring post, and takes him back inside for a short arm clothesline. King Cuerno appears, watching the match. Cage works Mundo over, and jumps from the second rope to the top and misses a turnaround moonsault.

Mundo hits a couple of clotheslines and a calf kick, followed by a knee to the face. He gets two on a reverse DDT, but Cage gets two right after with a sitout Alabamaslam.

Mundo fights back, and hits a breathtaking spinning dive to the outside. Cuerno attacks the leg of Mundo, causing the DQ.

Winner: Johnny Mundo via DQ

Cuerno destroys Mundo's leg after the match with a chair. Dario Cueto restarts the match. Cage jumps on Mundo, and moves away from a Mundo kick, causing him to kick the ring post. Cage applies the stretch muffler, but can't get a tap from Mundo.

Mundo manages to hit Moonlight Drive, but only gets two. Cage catches him and hits him with an F5, but Mundo somehow kicks out! A Mundo sunset flip gets two, but Cage blasts him with a discus clothesline and a reverse STO out of a Gory special for the win.

Winner: Cage via pinfall (Gory Special reverse STO)

- Cueto is in his office, and Alberto El Patron shows up to close the show!!