2013 G1 Climax Finals
Tetsuya Naito vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

The two lock up and trade holds, but at a rather slow, methodical pace. Josh Barnett does an awesome job explaining that the slow pace is because both of these guys have been going through a tournament for weeks and are beaten down.

Tanahashi headstands out of a head scissors and kicks the already injured knee of Naito. He spends the next several minutes working over the knee, locking on a sambo-style modified figure 4 leg lock. Naito finally gets to the ropes to break the hold before the commercial break.

Back from the commercial, Tanahashi is still attacking the knee. Naito fights back, inexplicably landing dropkicks and other leaping attacks after having his knee destroyed all match long. Naito locks on a submission, but Tanahashi reaches the ropes.

Tanahashi is relentless, going after the knee again, knocking Naito out of the ring. Tanahashi hits a big time High Fly Flow to the outside of the ring as we head to the commercial break. What a breathtaking move.

As we come back, Tanahashi tries to lock on a Cloverleaf, but gets rolled up for a two count. Naito goes right back to throwing kicks with his injured leg. The two get to their feet and trade stiff punches for a full minute, but both come up empty on body presses and are down.

Back on the feet, the battle continues as Naito gains the advantage, but Tanahashi gets a two count on a straight jacket German Suplex. He follows up with a Slingblade, but misses the High Fly Flow. Naito lands a big missile dropkick and an enziguri, again using his injured leg.

Naito scores with Gloria, which is a hammerlock cradle hold lifted into a side slam. He goes for the Stardust press but eats canvas as we go to another commercial break.

Tanahashi has a Cloverleaf locked on as we come back from the commercial. Naito is struggling to get to the ropes, and Tanahashi collapses due to exhaustion. Out of nowhere Naito locks on Puma Blanca (a Koji Clutch), and has it in for over a minute until Tanahashi can bust out.

The two are on the top rope and Naito hits a big Frankensteiner, but Tanahashi rolls through and scores a Styles Clash! Tanahashi with a High Fly Flow to the back of Naito, and goes up for another one but catches knees to the chest before the commercial.

Back from the commercial Tanahashi barely kicks out of a Dragon Suplex. Naito hits another Gloria and a Stardust press and picks up a huge win over Tanahashi.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito via pinfall (Stardust Press) to win the 2013 G1 Climax tournament

Naito is presented the trophy as Tanahashi has to be helped to the back. Naito cuts an emotional promo and thanks the fans as they chant his name.