Raven On Why Wrestling Is Worse Than Before, His Status, Which Legend He Would Like To Have Faced

Rodolfo Roman recently spoke with former WWE, WCW and TNA star Raven at the Magic City Con in Miami. Below are a few highlights courtesy of RodolfoRoman.com:

Who he would like to have wrestled:

"I would like to have wrestled WWE Hall of Famer Chief Jay Strong Bow. Of course, I would have been 12 years-old when I could have wrestled him when he was in his prime or maybe 9 years-old. But I think I could have beat him."

His current status in wrestling and role with Resistance Pro:

"The promotion, we were signed to do a reality show so we are in the middle of shooting that and we haven't finished that. Things are still going on. I am kind of retired and I like it. You'll have to pay me a lot if you are going to get me off my couch."

The current state of pro wrestling:

"I don't watch it at all, I don't have any favorites. It's just not the same It's worse in my opinion. It's interesting there is probably a higher level of athleticism than there has ever been but it is much less interesting which is why wrestling is sports entertainment, not just a sport. The story telling isn't there."


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