Seth Rollins Appears On The Daily Show, Challenges Jon Stewart To Show Up On Raw Next Week

After a week of trading videos and verbal jabs back and forth, Seth Rollins appeared on The Daily Show to confront host Jon Stewart.

Rollins showed up at the end of the program, interrupting Stewart's "Moment of Zen" and challenged Stewart to show up on WWE Raw this Monday from Newark, New Jersey. It's worth noting that The Daily Show films in New York, so it's likely that Stewart will indeed be appearing on Raw next week.

Stewart jokingly jumped on Rollins' back after the challenge, but didn't give a firm commitment to appearing on Raw.

The feud started weeks ago when Seth Rollins insulted Stewart in a promo, saying that anyone could host the Daily Show. Stewart responded by posting a video mocking Rollins and criticizing his decision to leave the Shield. Rollins fired back with one of his own, and WWE has ran with the angle ever since.

Stewart is a known wrestling fan and has mentioned on his show several times that he watches the program with his son. This past Monday Stewart referenced the United States title match between Rusev and John Cena on The Daily Show, but made no mention of Rollins, despite their ongoing war of words. Stewart will conclude his duties on The Daily Show later this year.

You can see video of Rollins' appearance on the show above.

Liqmiquichi, Ryan and Tanner contributed to this article.


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