TNA Impact Wrestling Recap: Former WWE Wrestler Debuts, Knockouts Title Match, 20-Man Gauntlet

Welcome to's live coverage and results for Impact Wrestling. Tonight's episode was taped during the company's Scotland shows.

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Tonight's show starts with a look at the top-rated guys heading into tonight's 20-man gauntlet match. Kurt Angle takes to the mic and says he will definitely become the number one contender after this big contest. Backstage, Lashley says that Kurt Angle talks too much and that they are going to have a little chat together. Back at the ring, guys are filing in for the show's first match.

Matt Hardy and the Wolves vs. The Revolution

A melee breaks out at ringside and they go ahead and ring the bell. Manik, James Storm and Abyss are there for the Revolution but Khoya is at ringside as well.

When they make it into the ring, The Wolves double-team Manik. Hardy tags in but he doesn't keep the advantage for long. Matt ends up outside and Khoya takes a shot at him before Storm chucks him back inside. Abyss tags in and punishes Hardy in the corner. Storm comes in next and keeps it up, then he brings Manik back in. Hardy tries to come back with a side effect but can't capitalize on the momentum quickly. He somehow tags in both Wolves and they stay in to take apart Storm and Manik. The ref doesn't count anyone for the DQ. Abyss gets involved, The Wolves toss everyone out so that Matt Hardy can take on Manik. Hardy lays him out and then Eddie comes in for the cover and the three-count.

Result: Matt Hardy and the Wolves defeat The Revolution via pinfall.

Post-match, Storm brings in Sanada and Khoya to punish the victors. Commercial sign.

After the break, TNA re-racks footage from the EC3's most recent attempt at scalping Spud. Carter then emerges and says he's pretty peeved at Mr. Anderson for interfering. Cue Anderson's intro. Anderson taunts Carter from afar and produces a clippers of his own, suggesting that he wants to give EC3 a shave. Anderson heads towards the ring and Tyrus blocks his way outside. As they face off, Spud and Mandrews slip and ambush Carter. It looks like they'll shave EC3's noggin but Tyrus gets involved and cleans house. Andrews comes back to take out Tyrus and then they shave the big dude's Mohawk off.

Behind the curtain, the Beat Down Clan talks strategy and then we head for a commercial.

On the other side of the break, we get a gander at Mickie James who is outside the venue to take in the show. Next up, Grado is on deck to battle Al Snow.

Grado vs. Al Snow

Snow dominates Grado for a lengthy stretch. Grado thunders back but Snow no-sells the offensive flurry. Snow hits a power slam and covers but Grado kicks out at two. The crowd chants for Grado and he tries for another comeback but Snow shuts him down quickly. Snow gets another near fall and gets frustrated as the crowd chants for Grado. Grado gets fired up and pulls down his straps before nailing Al with a rolling cannonball. Snow tries to wallop Grado with Head but Grado dodges and counters with a boot to the head, putting Al down for the count.

Result: Grado defeats Al Snow via pinfall.

After the bell, Grado celebrates with the crowd and Al Snow raises Grado's hand in victory. The BDC interrupts the celebration by ambushing both guys. Drew Galloway runs in to make the save and the crowd approves.

More commercials roll and then it's time for some Knockouts action.

TNA Knockouts title match: Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell

Love blindsides Terrell and knocks her outside to get the early advantage. Terrell turns it around in short order, working over Angelina with some kicks and a snap suplex. She gets a near fall after a side slam but Love responds with a "Botox injection." She tries to follow up but Taryn works her into a "Taryn cutter" and gets the pinfall from there.

Result: Taryn Terrell defeats Angelina Love via pinfall, retaining the KO title.

Awesome Kong comes out after the bell and decimates Terrell. She grabs the title and Gail Kim runs in to kinda, sorta put the kibosh on things for the moment.

We get a lengthy, palette-cleansing promo for the gauntlet match and then Tommy Dreamer is out on the ramp. From the middle of the ring, Dreamer calls out Eric Young for some revenge after Young dropped him on his head last time around. Young doesn't come out, so Tommy heads backstage to look for him. Dreamer gets past the curtain and EY jumps him. They brawl back out into the ring area. Tommy calls for a ref and says they're going old school.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Eric Young

The guys brawl at ringside. EY bites Tommy until his head starts to bleed… profusely. Young gets tossed into the steps and Tommy goes for a table. The bell finally rings to start the bout and Young gets Tommy from behind, tipping the scales in his favor. Young teases a piledriver inside the ring and Tommy counters but ends up falling back-first on to a steel chair. EY sets up the table and goes up top but Tommy knocks him for a loop and then delivers a superplex through the table. Back-and-forth follows and Young hits Tommy with a low blow and finishes the match with a pile driver. A tough, gritty segment.

Result: Eric Young defeats Tommy Dreamer via pinfall.

Still more commercials happen and then TNA recaps Bram's budding feud with Magnus. "Hardcore Country" hits and Mickie James strolls out to a nice welcome. Mickie says that life has been good to her lately, as she's become a mom and she's now engaged to Magnus. But she has a bone to pick with Bram over Bram's attack on Magnus a few weeks ago. Bram comes in and says that Mickie has screwed up their friendship. Mickie says that Bram owes Magnus big time and calls him a "little b---h." Bram backs her into the corner and Mickie slaps him hard. TNA officials get involved to rein it in.

Backstage, Lashley and Angle exchange words before we take another break.

20-Man Gauntlet Match for the #1 Contendership

Kenny King starts off against Austin Aries. There's some back and forth but Aries gets on top by leveling King with a huge chop. King regains the advantage as Crazzy Steve comes out. Steve tosses King and tries to make a pact with A-Double but that doesn't happen. Jessie Godderz is out next. Jessie gets all over Steve and then AA gets involved again. King stays in the hunt as well. Jessie goes over the top and tries to skin the cat but he gives up and just slides inside. Bram is out next, followed by Khoya.

Khoya thins the herd by eliminating Crazzy Steve. Godderz and Bram brawl in the corner and Chris Melendez comes out next and Mr. Anderson follows. Commercial sign.

During the break, Samuel Shaw, DJ Z and The Great Sanada entered the fray. Chris Melendez was eliminated.

Shaw, Jessie and DJ Z all go out quickly, courtesy of Tyrus. Spud enters and goes after Tyrus but gets dumped. Robbie E is the next entrant. Sanada blinds Tyrus with mist before Anderson inadvertently bumps Sanada off the apron. Anderson then eliminates Tyrus, biting the big dude's fingers as he hangs off the rope.

Gunner runs in next as the last of the random draws. EC3 emerges in the number 5 slot and Anderson eliminates him, adding fuel to their rivalry. Robbie E gets tossed courtesy of Aries and Bram goes out too. Samoa Joe comes out at number 4, followed by Low-ki and MVP. By the numbers, BDC has a huge advantage. Anderson gets eliminated, leaving Gunner and Aries as the only non-BDC guys for the moment.

Angle jogs out and delivers Germans to the BDC fellas. The momentum shifts over a commercial break, as the BDC take out Gunner and Aries. Angle gets a drubbing from all of 'em as Lashley looks on. The beating goes on for a while until Angle regroups, eliminating Joe and Low-ki. Kenny King follows and Angle is left to take on MVP. They slug it out and MVP wears down Angle but the Olympian powers up again and stays in the hunt. The BDC members get involved from outside, giving MVP the opportunity to eliminate Kurt and win the gauntlet.

Result: MVP wins a shot at Lashley for the TNA title.

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