TNA Star Saves Woman's Life During Flight, Why Al Snow Hates Grado (Video), Hernandez

- British Bootcamp 2's Grado will be appearing on this Friday's episode. TNA posted the the video above looking at Grado and why Al Snow dislikes him.

- Former TNA Tag Team Champion and current Lucha Underground star Hernandez turns 43 today.

- TNA star Davey Richards, who also works as a firefighter and Critical Care Flight Paramedic, had to use those skills during a flight back to the United States from TNA's recent UK tour. TNA's website reports that the pilot called for any trained medical personnel and Richards answered the call, going on to treat an elderly woman that was experiencing heart problems. Richards was commended by the flight staff, the patient and the patient's family. Richards told

"I feel it's my personal duty to put good in the world. Whether inspiring people to chase their dreams and keep fighting as one half of the Wolves or helping people in their time of need. I want to be there to help and lead by example."

Immortal1 contributed to this article.


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