Total Divas Recap: Why Barrett Dumped Alicia Fox, Brie & Paige Party, Natalya Confronts Her Dad

It's that time of the week, once again! Let's get busy with some exploits from your favorite sports entertainers as they entertain us—not with sports—but with reality. After some previews, we get rolling…

Renee Young joins the Three Amigas backstage and hilarity ensues. Alicia gets under a table and the women take turns bringing in other wrestlers (and Mark Carrano) into the room for a good-natured scare. Pretty much everyone laughs but Nattie, who seems distracted.

Back at Nattie's homestead, she talks about her dad, WWE Legend Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. She very candidly talks about her dad's history of addiction and some health problems that seem to be coming to light.

We switch gears to a live show and backstage, Mark Carrano gives the Divas a run-down of their various and sundry obligations moving forward. Paige asks about the real meaning of "Brie Mode" and Brie assures her that she has a legendary ability to party. Nicole says it ain't all that and indicates she doesn't want to see things get out of hand.

Later on, the Divas chat backstage about body hair and Alicia shares the fun factoid that she has gray pubic hair. Who knew? As wrestlers file into the venue, Alicia discloses that she had a relationship with Wade Barrett a while back and the breakup wasn't so good. She's worried about working with him again now that he's healed up from his injury.

Across the pond, Paige gets a huge welcome from her fellow countrymen at a show in England. Backstage, Nattie talks on the phone with someone to see if her dad is doing okay with his court appearances and related matters. She confides in Brie and it's clear that the situation is really wearing on her.

Over in Las Vegas, Rosa and Alicia reconnect and they both scream with excitement.

The Bellas hit the MTV Music Awards and David Hasselhoff makes a weird joke about ménage à trois. AWK—ward.

We get another glimpse of Alicia and Rosa hanging out and they are both literally complimenting each other's ass. After the joking subsides, Rosa tries to give Alicia a pep-talk about her feelings over Wade and Alicia gets pretty salty and drops the "F" bomb.

Brie and Nicole try to hold their own on a night out with Paige. Paige starts drinking and Nicole throws in the towel and heads up to her hotel room. After she leaves, Paige orders a big tray of shots and Brie gets thoroughly knackered. Paige is really stoked because she's about to see Brie Mode in living color. They do a whole lot of drinking and they eat the worms with their tequila. They drunk-dial Nikki from the back of a limo and she's not amused.

Nicole and Alicia make amends after their falling out and Alicia pours her heart out about how things ended with Wade. Kinda wonder if he broke up with her by saying, "Foxy… I've got some bad news for you…"

Back on the tour, Nicole tries to wake Brie up the morning after her big night out. She goes down to the front desk to get someone to open Brie's door so she can check on her. Brie is still in bed and when Nikki wakes her up, Brie pukes all over the place, including all over Nikki's ample bosom. Turns out Nikki isn't thrilled with catching a smidgen of the ol' "Technicolor yawn."

After a commercial, Nattie, Cameron and Alicia take a tour and talk about some personal stuff. Alicia vents about Wade and her gal pals tell her to confront the situation and move on.

Brie and Paige confer before an event and Brie recounts throwing up on her sis. They run into Nikki and everything seems kosher again, except Nikki thinks that the partying might affect Brie's performance in the ring. The show cuts to their in-ring segment with AJ and it looks like Brie fares pretty well. Nikki gives Brie kudos for working with a hangover.

A slew of the Divas meet at a restaurant and Nattie breaks down about her dad. Seems that he's in a bad way back home. After a commercial, Natalya seeks out Tyson Kidd backstage and asks him to put their troubles aside and help with her dad. Turns out TJ is close to The Anvil and might be a good person to have a word with him. He agrees to give her a hand.

At the commissary, Alicia cringes when Wade is in the same room but she finally commits to confront him and get some answers. Commercial sign.

When we get back to the show, Alicia has backpedaled a bit and now she's feeling woozy. She goes into the bathroom to "blow chunks." If you're keeping count, that's two vomiting scenes this week. She does muster the gumption to talk to BNB face to face and he apologizes for having upset her. Wade doesn't feel like they ended things on a bad note but also notes that he broke up with her because he couldn't see himself spending the rest of his life with her. The confession hurts Alicia but it seems to give her the closure she needs to get on with her life. They share a big hug to round out the segment.

At home, Nattie and TJ play with her cat while they wait for her dad to show up. She says they're going to have an intervention of sorts with him. They get him into the hot tub and Nattie tries to talk some sense into him, slowly but surely. Jim tries to deflect a lot of what she's saying and it seems like he's not really grounded in reality; almost like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite Once Nattie goes inside, Jim seems to open up to TJ about just how serious his problems are. He has a little insight, but not enough to seek help on his own. Nattie's ace-in-the-hole is that she has invited one of WWE's addictions counselors to the house to talk with Jim. The counselor tells Jim that he wants to take him to rehab right then and there. Jim seems a little hesitant but decides rather quickly that it's the right thing to do. After they leave, Nattie and Tyson embrace and share some parting pleasantries.

After the previews for next week, that's a wrap.


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