Why Bad News Barrett Broke Up With Alicia Fox, WWE 2K15 "Hall Of Pain" DLC Matches, Finn Balor

- On last night's episode of Total Divas, Alicia Fox discussed her "first love" Bad News Barrett breaking up with her after the couple had been dating for two years. In the clip above from last night's episode, Fox confronts Barrett about why he broke up with her. Barrett noted that they didn't break up on a bad note, and he simply did not see himself spending the rest of his life with her, so it would have been a waste of time to keep dating.

- The Irish Mirror has an article here about Finn Balor becoming the number one contender for the NXT title.

- As noted earlier, the next WWE 2K15 DLC, Hall of Pain, will be released tomorrow. The DLC will feature Mark Henry and his quest to win the World Heavyweight Championship. 2K Games announced the list of matches that will be playable in the DLC, which you can check out below:

* Mark Henry vs. Big Show (Money in the Bank, July 17, 2011)
* Mark Henry vs. Kane (Smackdown, July 22, 2011)
* Mark Henry vs. Sheamus (SummerSlam, August 14, 2011)
* Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton (Night of Champions, September 18, 2011)
* Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali (Smackdown, September 30, 2011)
* Mark Henry vs. Big Show (Vengeance, October 23, 2011)
* Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan (Smackdown, December 2, 2011)
* Mark Henry vs. The Usos (Raw, March 25, 2013)
* Mark Henry vs. Ryback (WrestleMania 29, April 27, 2013)


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