Cassandra Frazier, the widow of former WWE Superstar Nelson Frazier Jr. (Viscera, Big Daddy V) filed a lawsuit against WWE on February 18th in Memphis, Tennessee.

The lawsuit lists Cassandra and Nelson as plaintiffs and alleges that he passed away due to the effect of concussions and other injuries from his WWE career. She claims that Nelson suffered symptoms of “concussions, sub-concussions, CTE, disfiguring scar tissue, head trauma, confusion, disorientation, short-term memory loss, difficulty performing basic tasks, severe migraines and sever depression, along with other serious complications.”

Frazier is being represented by Konstantine Kyros of Hingam, MA, who is also the lawyer for Vito LoGrasso and William (Billy Jack) Haynes III, who are suing the company on similar grounds.