WWE Fastlane: Bray Wyatt Casket Segment

We go to the ring and the lights go low. The druids make their entrance with the torches. The bells toll and The Undertaker's entrance begins as fans pop. Two druids come pushes a casket out.

The casket is pushed to ringside and the lid opens. Bray Wyatt sits up and starts laughing as some fans boo. Wyatt says he will never forget the first time he saw "him"... his eyes were so cold. Wyatt says he feared him but now, he has become like everyone else... weak and broken, just a shell of what he once was. Wyatt says now "his" soul is lost, stuck in limbo between your world and ours. Wyatt says it's time for "him" to go home. Wyatt says his own mission is clear. Wyatt says he knows this person can hear him and is listening. Wyatt says he no longer fears this person because he is pain, he is suffering, he is Bray Wyatt - the new face of fear. Wyatt says at WrestleMania, he will claim the soul of The Undertaker. Wyatt laughs as the casket lid is closed. The lights go out and we go to Renee Young and the panel as the druids music hits and they push the casket out.


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