WWE Superstars Results (2/28): Erick Rowan Gets A Win, Kofi Kingston Vs. Luke Harper

Intro packages roll and then we head down to ringside

Erick Rowan vs. Adam Rose

Rose dodges Rowan's first strike and then they lock up. Rose hits Rowan with a few chops and doesn't make much of a dent. Rowan fires back and knocks Rose out of the ring and then the big dude scares off Adam's entourage. He tosses Rose around briefly but Adam turns it around, putting the former Wyatt family member down on the canvas for some mat work. Rowan comes back with some powerful offense, eventually slamming Rose on to the mat and covering for the win.

Result: Erick Rowan defeats Adam Rose via pinfall.

WWE cues up recaps from Fast Lane and Raw, including Paul Heyman's segment with Roman Reigns. We also re-live some of the most recent developments in the Cena/Rusev feud and then it's back to the ring.

Kofi Kingston vs. Luke Harper

Harper tosses Kofi for a loop right off the bat. Kingston tries again, meeting with the same results. Harper continues to manhandle Kingston despite a couple of well-timed kicks by Kofi. Kofi finally knocks Harper off kilter and then puts him down with a dropkick. Harper winds up outside and saunters over to the announce table where he tosses a chair on to the desk for no apparent reason. Luke gets back into the ring and takes charge of the situation, planting Kofi headfirst on to the canvas. Harper stays on top until Kofi delivers a few two-handed chops and a dropkick. He gets a near fall after a flying cross-body and then they both end up outside for a second. Back inside, Harper executes a side slam and Kofi kicks out of the ensuing cover. After a little more back and forth, Harper finishes Kofi with a right hand, followed by a lariat and the three-count.

Result: Luke Harper defeats Kofi Kingston via pinfall.

WWE closes this episode with a look at The Bushwackers and some more from this week's Raw.


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