Anderson Silva Wants Rematch, Ronda Rousey's Mom On Cyborg Fight, Buffer On Rousey Vs. Men

- Despite the mountain of controversy surrounding him, Anderson Silva still wants to clear his name. Just a few days after admitting PED usage, the former UFC Middleweight Champion told TMZ that he wanted to clear his name and prove that his victory over Nick Diaz was a clean one.


Silva offered to take on Diaz in a rematch to prove himself, but knows that the failed drug tests cast a dark shadow over the UFC, saying ""I think this is bad for [the] sport. This is so bad for me and my life."

You can see video of Silva's comments above.

- More UFC personalities continue to weigh in on the idea of UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey taking on men after destroying her division, this time UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer gets in on the action.

"I'm not going to compare her to men," he told TMZ Sports. "Although I'm sure she could do well against at least half the division. I think she's got a great chance."

Buffer also said that Rousey would be a top 20 bantamweight fighter in the men's division, but said that a fight between Rousey and a man will never happen.


- Ronda Rousey's mother, AnnMarie De Mars, has remained outspoken about her daughters career, as well as a potential superfight with Cris "Cyborg" Justino. She actually posted a blog entry about the matter this week.

"Here is what really pisses me off. Seriously, if you want to fight someone who has a world title, you establish yourself as a contender and fight them. You make the same weight. You subject yourself to random out-of-competition drug testing. You are under the same rules as everyone else.

You don't ask people to make up a special division just for you. You don't ask out of your contract the same week the organization announces out of competition testing, go to compete in a promotion that doesn't have the same budget for drug testing and then come in through the back door. You don't claim that making the weight for a title fight will kill you but five pounds more you'll be the picture of health.

You don't say that everyone else in the world has to make weight, but not me. It would be too hard for me.

This whole thing is stupid."

This isn't the first time Rousey's mother has commented on Cyborg. When she was slated to face Ediane Gomes years back, MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani asked De Mars what it would take for Cyborg to impress her. De Mars fired back with "My daughter beat Gomes in her first pro fight on one foot (Rousey has a laceration on her foot) in under 30 seconds. So unless (Cyborg) hits her and her head explodes, I won't be impressed."