Another Movie Role For Maryse, Nikki Bella's RAW Comments On #GiveDivasAChance, WWE Stock

- Former WWE Diva Maryse apparently has a role in Syfy's Sharknado 3 movie that premieres on July 22nd. As noted, Chris Jericho and numerous other celebrities will be featured in the movie. We noted earlier that Maryse also has a leading role in a new romantic comedy titled "Karla" that comes out this year.


- WWE stock was up 2.97% today, closing at $16.32 per share. Today's high was $16.36 and the low was $15.41.

- For those who missed it on Monday's RAW, WWE had The Bella Twins address the "#GiveDivasAChance" movement in a side-bar video before Divas Champion Nikki Bella faced AJ Lee. After talking about how they will embarrass AJ and Paige at WrestleMania 31, they said: "Give Divas a chance? Give us a break."