- WrestleMania 31 will be going head-to-head with the season finale of hit TV show The Walking Dead. The 90-minute episode begins at 9pm, half-way into WrestleMania.

- The WWE 2K15 video game is now outselling the 2014 game by a large margin. This was expected and is mainly due to the game being available on more platforms.

- We noted before that WWE NXT had holds on the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia for Friday, May 15th and Saturday, May 16th but it was confirmed this week that a MMA event is booked for the venue on May 16th. WWE likely was given the option to confirm their dates when the MMA show wanted to book a date but they obviously chose not to and lost the hold for Saturday. There's still the possibility that WWE runs May 14th and May 15th instead.

Word got out about WWE wanting to run the venue in the first place because the arena told Ring of Honor, who has events booked for May 12th and May 13th.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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