Blue Pants On How She Ended Up In WWE NXT, What Triple H Said After Her First Few Matches

- WWE's website has a new interview with Blue Pants from NXT. They acknowledge that she is indie star Leva Bates. She commented on how she ended up on NXT:

"I actually filled out the recruit page, because you always hear, "Hey, fill out the recruit page," and I got a call asking if I would be interested in wrestling a match at NXT! So, of course, I said yes. [Laughs] I ended up getting called, and the name Blue Pants actually came about [when] I was stretching near the ring. At that point I was told I was going to wrestle Carmella, and Enzo & Cass were brainstorming an [intro] just off the top of their heads. They were like, "Maybe we should call her out, the girl with the blue pants." I laughed about that, I just thought it was really funny. I went, "Absolutely! Do that!" I was just wearing the pants to roll around in, I wasn't sure I was going to actually wrestle in that outfit. I have a crazy amount of costumes. I always over-pack so I have hundreds of things with me. I just put the blue pants on real quick to roll around in the ring, stretch, kind of get comfortable and it just stuck that's how Blue Pants was born, and I just embraced it!"

She also commented on what Triple H said to her after her first few matches:

"The first time I came back he said, "You got a Blue Pants chant. I don't even. I can't," and then he started laughing. I shook his hand and said, "Well, thank you for everything, I really appreciate this opportunity." He said, "You're welcome," and then he just started laughing at my blue pants! That was kind of a really awesome moment for me, to make Triple H laugh."

Source: WWE


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