Bob Holly Says He Heard More Bill DeMott Stories

As if things weren't bad enough for NXT coach Bill DeMott after relentless accusations of bullying, and subjecting talents to sexual slurs and verbal abuse, former WWE star Bob Holly says he's heard the same.


Holly took to Twitter to answer a fans questions about the DeMott/NXT situation. Judas Devlin, Briley Pierce, EC3, Joey Ryan and Kevin Mathews have all been vocal about the situation, with many ridiculing the WWE's alleged investigation. Former WWE talent Bob "Hardcore" Holly says that he ran a seminar a month ago, and two former NXT students made the same claims.

Holly was also criticized throughout his career for being a bully after incidents with Matt Cappotelli and Renee Dupree. Opinion within the industry was relatively split as it pertained to Holly, with some saying they understood his situation. That doesn't seem to be the case for DeMott. It's also worth noting that after the Cappotelli incident, Cappotelli cleared Holly of any wrongdoing.


We've been told to expect more stories to surface within the next few weeks. Holly's tweets can be seen below.