Dan Severn Reveals Angle That Caused Him To Leave WWE, Idea He Had To Shoot In The Royal Rumble

Great North Wrestling released the video above with UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn talking about why he left WWE and the idea he had to start shooting on wrestlers in the Royal Rumble.

Severn talked about coming into WWE as a babyface. A road agent pitched him an idea to tattoo "666" on his forehead ("the mark of the beast") and become an Undertaker disciple. Severn had no interest in the angle, and noted that he lived in a small town and didn't want any repercussions from it. Severn said that the road agent then told him that they could start using him poorly and lose matches. Severn noted that "you could ask me to lose a match," but what would happen if he would turn fantasy into reality and make their stars look silly.

Severn said that The Royal Rumble was coming up and he thought about approaching WCW and Eric Bischoff about shooting in the Royal Rumble match and busting everyone up every 90 seconds. He said that while they could eventually get enough people to get him out of the ring, he would still be in the arena. He noted that doing that could have been worth $1 million, and while some groups wouldn't have booked him after that, others would have and paid him that much more.

Severn noted that things ended up working out amicably.

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