Daniel Bryan Talks Whether He Will Team Up With Brie Bella, Lilian Garcia Speaks Out, AJ/Paige Poll

- Lilian Garcia appeared at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California last week for a Susan G. Komen event where she talked about the importance of breast cancer awareness in the above video interview.


Meanwhile, Lilian Garcia has been promoting the release of her new single, "Stung," which is available for free. Visit liliangarcia.fanbridge.com to sign up for Lilian's e-mail list and as a thank you, she will send a link to download "Stung" for free. The e-mail list keeps you up to date on Lilian's latest events, exclusive offers, giveaways and meet-and-greet opportunities.

- WWE.com issued this poll asking fans who they'd prefer as their "BFF": AJ Lee or Paige. AJ is currently leading the poll by a small margin.

- Daniel Bryan reveals in an interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine (subscription information available here) that WWE's creative department would prefer that fans forgot about his marriage to Brie Bella.


When asked whether WWE has plans for them to team up inside the ring, he said, "I would love that, but WWE has gotten away from doing the mixed tag team matches. Doing something with Brie would be a lot of fun, and I think the fans would really enjoy it, but our characters right now are at different places. I've heard that creative wants people to forget that we're actually married."

With Bryan's marriage to Brie often showcased on Total Divas, he believes his recurring appearances on the E! reality program have helped his career.

"I know for a fact that Total Divas has helped me in a way that I get recognized more by people who would never recognize me before. Now, like, people will recognize me when I'm out to dinner or something. They'll be like, "Hey, you're Bryan!" And that's how I know they recognize from Total Divas. People who watch Total Divas don't necessarily watch WWE, but now they're starting to. People get to see me for who I am. Some fans don't like that, and will actually boo for how I appear on Total Divas!"