Emma On What It Means To Be A Diva, Bray Wyatt On The Undertaker, Big Crowd For The Bellas, Madusa

- Emma recently spoke with FOX Sports Australia and commented on what it means to be a Diva:

"I think everyone has a different perception of what a Diva really is. A Diva is something to be proud of. It's a representation of a strong beautiful woman that's passionate about what she does. She works hard, is smart it's a compliment to be called a Diva."

- Alundra Blayze (Madusa) wrote the following on Instagram about Natalya inducting her into the WWE Hall of Fame last night:

"Loving me some @natbynature she totally killed it she delivered I finished! Greatest tagteam today!! #AlundraBlayze #Madusa"

- USA Today's High School Sports blog has an interview up with Bray Wyatt to promote WrestleMania 31 and discuss his days as a high school wrestler and football player. Wyatt went back into character and commented on his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania tonight:

"It was an addiction for me from early on, but everything was always leading up to this moment. This is the moment that I take on The Undertaker, and that was the plan from Day One."

- The Bella Twins drew a big crowd to Tilly's in Orange County on Friday to promote their new ROOK brand t-shirt. Below are a few photos:


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