Flashback Audio: JBL Talks How Eddie Guerrero Helped His Career, His Struggles After APA

Above is audio from an interview WrestlingINC.com conducted with JBL regarding a variety of topics, including how Eddie Guerrero's support and encouragement helped him to establish his character and move forward as a successful singles competitor. We are posting interesting clips and stories from our interviews to our YouTube channel, so please take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube channel at youtube.com/WrestlingINC1.

Recalling that the he struggled to capture the attention of fans following the breakup of APA, JBL said Eddie assumed a leading role in the development of his character.

"Eddie was the perfect character for JBL at the time and he [Eddie] was such a popular character that it made a big difference. But, Eddie and I were really good friends and we sat backstage a lot with me, him and his brother Chavo [Guerrero] and went over a lot of different storyline ideas and a lot of different things. The whole heart attack thing with Eddie's mom in El Paso around Mother's Day weekend right before our first match, that was, I believe, an idea of Chavo and Eddie. They were the ones that pitched it to me."

JBL indicated that Eddie was closely involved in the crafting of his early promos and angles.

"A lot of my promo, Eddie really helped me with a lot of these promos as far as the content of it. Eddie really took it personal in that he wanted my character to get over because it was failing miserably at the beginning…[I]t turned out as well as it could have for me. We had a long pay-per-view window at that time. If we just had three or four weeks, I don't think it would have worked. But we had time, I think five or six weeks to try this. It finally started working and it finally started getting heat on the JBL character, mainly because of Eddie."

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