Flashback Audio: Lanny Poffo On Randy Savage's Heat With WWE, How He Felt About Vince McMahon

Above is audio from an interview WrestlingINC.com conducted with Lanny Poffo regarding a variety of topics, including the career of his brother "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Lanny discusses why Randy never returned to work in WWF after he left for WCW and he also reveals Randy's true feelings for Vince despite their lengthy schism. "Macho Man" Randy Savage will be inducted into this year's WWE Hall of Fame.

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Lanny cited WWF's decision to not use their father Angelo Poffo in a "legends" battle royal as a tipping point in Savage's feelings regarding the company.

"On November 6, 1987, Randy started to hate WWE," Lanny recalled. "They said Killer Kowalski, Pat O'Conner, Lou Thesz, Bobo Brazil is gonna be [in the battle royal]. My dad looked at Randy and said, 'There's a battle royal on the Meadowlands, can you get me on it?' Dad was always proud of how good he looked, and he still did. Randy said 'don't worry, it's done,' and thought he would have the stroke to do it. Later Randy grabbed me by the wrist and says, '(expletives), they're not gonna let Dad in the battle royal because they're no good (expletives).'

Poffo added that despite the rift that developed between Randy Savage and Vince McMahon, Randy was very appreciative for all Vince did for the Poffo family.

"I just wanted to say Randy was a great man," Lanny said. "He was also a good man, and I think that's even more important. Randy knew deep in his heart that he was thankful to Vince McMahon for all he had. He was 32 when he finally got his break and the window of opportunity was closing. Whatever small argument they may have had, I think it's just ridiculous to not see the big picture that Randy loved Vince and Vince loved Randy."

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