Former Ring Announcer Justin Roberts Upset With WWE, The Undertaker Featured In WWE Top 10, Rock

- In this week's "WWE Top 10" video, The Undertaker's "Ghastliest Mind Games" are counted down.

- The official WWE website has issued a poll asking fans which movie franchise The Rock should save besides "Dredd." The Expendables is currently leading, followed by Star Wars and Blade.

- Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts is upset with his former employer having his demo reel removed from YouTube. This was due to the video featuring copyrighted WWE footage, which the company gave him permission to use.

"At the end of my 12 year relationship, there were a lot of things about work that made it hard to want to get on those planes. But on the night that we didn't renew my contract - I left the building and they told me the door was always open. I chose to walk the opposite direction and move on. I left out the negativity in my heart and wrote a positive goodbye and was on my way into the next chapter," Roberts wrote on Instagram.

"The company sent me footage and I put together a reel featuring much of that footage since that's where I was, almost daily for over a decade. My reel was out there and maybe I'd go where the wind blew, but today they pulled that reel off of YouTube. Despite countless hours of their copyrighted YouTube footage uploaded by others, my 5 min reel of my work is pulled. Maybe their legal department isn't busy enough?"

The video has since been restored.


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