– Former WWE Superstar Harry Smith (David Hart Smith), who currently holds the NWA Tag Team Titles and the GHC Tag Team Titles in Japan, wrote a post on social media this weekend and tagged Stephanie McMahon in it before deleting and re-posting it without Stephanie tagged. The post was then deleted again. Below is what he wrote:

“Well I love to hear how WWE doesn’t like hiring talent with “prior experience” since their awesome system can “develop” and gel guys into what they want them to be. I’m pretty sure Dana White is doing the same….Dana probably routes around in his Hummer and purposely and intentionally picks out guys who have never been in a scrap before. Because the UFC can teach them and make them a great fighter. Completely forgot about their past and all that because the experts know. Just word of the day ;)”

One fan replied, still with Stephanie tagged, and said that is how “they,” referring to UFC, signed CM Punk. Below is their exchange: