Goldberg Talks Not Liking Triple H, Wanting To Fight William Regal, WWE Wanting To "Squish" Sting

Goldberg appeared at the Lexington Comic-Con Saturday and hosted a 45 minute Q&A session open to fans, which was hosted by "entertainment impresario" Louis "Uncle Louie" Gregory. Thanks to Gregory for the exclusive photo above from the Q&A. He spoke about his WCW career, life at the Power Plant and his disdain for WWE. Highlights of the Q&A are below:

* A fan asks about King Mo training with Goldberg. He says American Top Team in Miami came in and let him do a little training. He said that GLORY kickboxing's CEO asked him if he wanted to fight, and he said that anything is possible for the right amount of money. He also says that there will be some news about that relationship soon and that we could be seeing him knock someone out in a GLORY kickboxing ring soon.

* Goldberg says that Sting taught him a lot about the business and motivated him to get into it.

* Goldberg says he doesn't buy WWE PPV's or watch the shows, and only follows the headlines. He says that it seems like WWE does things for themselves instead of fans. He says WWE has no competition and it's suffering.

* He says that the internet spoils wrestling, and makes it less exciting to fans. He doesn't see that problem with combat sports.

* A fan asks if Goldberg ever got burned by his pyro. He said he had to trim his leg hairs because otherwise they'd burn, and also said he had to get new tights every few matches because he'd have holes burned in them.

* Goldberg says he thinks that Vince Russo screwing up WCW was a plan. In-fighting also contributed to WCW's downfall as well, according to Goldberg, in addition to the AOL Time Warner merger.

* Goldberg said he watched a little wrestling as a kid, but didn't have a great love for it like he did with football.

* He said that Bob Sapp was at the WCW Power Plant with him. He said the Power Plant killed Bob Sapp, but Sarge didn't break him after being in the NFL. Goldberg didn't want to take it lightly, and wanted to succeed. He said he'll do the same with combat sports, but says he'll only do exhibition fights.

* Goldberg said he learned wrestling moves from Oleg Taktarov tapes that UFC put out. There was no money in MMA at the time, but he wanted to take aspects of it into pro wrestling. He said that he knew UFC would be the biggest thing around, and went to the first 7 or 8 UFC events.

* Goldberg admits that his match with Brock Lesnar sucked, and said they were in a bad situation.

* Goldberg says that Regal was a jerk during their match, but he felt bad about being in the position he was in. He said there were guys like Regal who worked hard for years and didn't get to his spot that was handed to him. Goldberg says he'd pay money to wrestle or kickbox William Regal now.

* He said that one time Barbarian gave him a top rope belly to belly suplex and when he came through the curtain, Bischoff told him to never let that happen again.

* Goldberg said that he found out that he'd be facing Hulk Hogan for the WCW Title while watching Thunder like everyone else. He said Hogan insisted they call it in the ring and he was terrified.

* Goldberg said that Hogan put Icy Hot all over his arms before the match so Goldberg wouldn't be able to see.

* Goldberg says the WWE is having people use the spear and does undefeated streaks because the WWE wants to erase him. He says he thinks WWE wants to squish Sting like a bug to put a nail in WCW's coffin. He also says that WWE did that to him (even though only Triple H beat him over that year). Goldberg also says it should have been him against Triple H.

* He thinks Ryback isn't as athletic as him, but he's being put in a bad situation by the WWE.

* He says that in order to succeed in pro wrestling, new wrestlers should strive to be different. Don't do what everyone else is doing.

* He looked at wrestling matches as fights, and guys like Jericho shouldn't be in the ring with Goldberg, but he didn't know the business or the psychology behind it then.

* Goldberg said his spear of Christian was one of his favorites because of how Christian took it. He said so much of it was how the opponent took it. He said that his opponents had to trust him in order to make it work. He had to spear guys differently, because there were guys he didn't want to hurt and guys he wanted to give receipts to.

* Goldberg said he'd like to rip Triple H's head off his body, and it would be a realistic match.

* Goldberg says he'd like to be in the Hall of Fame for his kid to see, but other than that he doesn't care.

* Goldberg, while laughing, said he found no humor in Gillberg, but later took it as a compliment. He said that was a part of wrestling he didn't understand at the time.

* His favorite Jackhammer was against the Giant, because it was an impressive feat of strength. He said he called on superhuman strength to lift a 500 pound man. He said Big Show is terrified of being upside down, so he loved doing it to him.

* Goldberg said Sting found his theme song for him, and it came from a History Channel documentary.

* Goldberg said that he's never broken anyone's ribs with the spear, but said to ask La Parka what happens when you hit him with a chair wrong.

Brandon contributed to this article.