How Much Can Vince McMahon Bench?, TV Writer On What He Learned From Vince, Jon Stewart Confirmed

- As noted earlier, Seth Rollins appeared on The Daily Show last Thursday and challenged Jon Stewart to appear on RAW this Monday. While Stewart didn't exactly say that he would be at the show, WWE confirmed to The Washington Post that Stewart accepted Rollins' invitation.


- TV and comic book writer Mark Evanier wrote a blog about Stewart's involvement with WWE and told a story about producing a CBS show in the 80s that featured Hulk Hogan, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Captain Lou Albano. Vince McMahon was an executive producer on the show, and Evanier asked him how he managed to get Mr. T into the business. Evanier noted that Vince looked at him like he had just asked "the stupidest question in the history of Mankind" and replied, "In the history of Professional Wrestling, no one has ever done anything for any reason except money."

- Speaking of Vince, Radar Online has a short article here about the WWE Chairman appearing on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine. They noted that Vince told the magazine that he weighs 240 pounds, has 5% body fat and bench presses 450 lbs.