Hulk Hogan Talks Inducting Randy Savage And Whose Idea It Was, Riff Raff, Expendables Rumor

Hulk Hogan recently appeared on HOT 97 to discuss last Friday's Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night at Madison Square Garden. You can watch the full interview in the video above, below are some highlights:

* He has one more legdrop left in him, and if he does it he'll jump up as high as he can because either everything will be cool when he comes crashing down, or he'll turn to dust. He said that reports of him being in pain flexing are not true, and that he's feeling good.


* The relationship with his ex-wife is "perfect" because they haven't spoken since their divorce. His relationship with daughter Brooke is perfect too because he talks to her everyday. She's been in Nashville and has been song-writing for three years and is looking for a label to release one of her singles. She's also been playing in a band that's been performing in Nashville. As for Brooke joining WWE, she's 25 and getting "a little old" to enter the business. He mentioned her working for "another wrestling company" and managing the women. She got the itch to get in the ring and got a concussion her first time in and decided that it wasn't for her noting that she was too "girlie girlie."

* Hulk said that rapper Riff Raff was a good friend of his son Nick's, and he's been training for about a year. He's a huge wrestling fan with "a tremendous gimmick." Hulk said that he needs to make a commitment because it's not a part-time gig, but he's training.


* About rumors that he's been cast for the Expendables 4, he said that no one has called him directly yet. He's been rumored for each Expendables movie, but no one has called him for them.

* When asked about his role at WrestleMania 31, he noted that he would be at the Hall of Fame the night before and he'll get a better idea about his role at the event soon.

* Hulk talked about inducting Randy "Macho Man" Savage into the Hall of Fame this year and noted that they became inseparable within a couple of weeks of meeting each other. He said that they would joke about how they would see each other more than their wives. They hung out all the time, and they were like brothers until the "crazy stuff" happened with Elizabeth and the divorce. They didn't talk for a while, but they reconnected right before he passed away. Lanny Poffo wanted him to induct Randy, even though Hulk felt that Lanny should. "It will be a great night for all of Macho Man's fans," Hulk concluded.

Samantha contributed to this article.