Jim Ross Blogs On Where Brock Lesnar Should End Up, Jon Stewart On WWE RAW, Terry Funk

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

Jon Stewart on RAW this Monday night:

"Jon Stewart also represented himself well on the mic with his interactions with Seth Rollins and, no, I don't think that Rollins being kicked in the Spaulding's by a TV host is going to retard Rollins professional growth. Lots of people are talking about Rollins & Stewart and that's not a bad thing while garnering outside the wresting box publicity heading into WrestleMania."

Brock Lesnar's future:

"Saw Brock Lesnar while attending UFC 184 this past Saturday in LA. He caused quite the stir with UFC fans in Los Angeles and likely raised the stakes in his negotiations with WWE and, perhaps even Viacom/Bellator/Spike TV. At Brock's age and with his past medical history, I'd recommend him to re-sign with WWE, make more appearances which would make his sponsors, like Jimmy John's, by the way they make a helluva sandwich, and perhaps even allow Brock to better monetize that arrangement. More people will see Brock wrestling on RAW than will ever see him on any UFC PPV. The number of eyes on Lesnar via WWE over a 12 month period will blow away the numbers that he would garner in UFC or in Bellator. Plus, it would be safer one has to believe. My gut says that Brock would love to go back to UFC and end his MMA career on his terms but I'm beginning to wonder if that is the best, long term plan for him. I have great respect for Brock Lesnar and he was certainly one of the top two or three all time recruits e signed while I was in WWE and I'm looking at this scenario as to what's best physically for the athlete who has a young family. Nonetheless at the end of the day we all have to be happy with what we are doing for our life's work and that decision ultimately can only be made by Brock himself. I will be a fan of his work no matter where he lands."

His latest podcast with Terry Funk:

"My conversation with 'The Funker' is a dandy and one that I'm certain that you will enjoy. Also today I will be recording a conversation with TNA's Bobby Roode for a future, Ross Report Podcast. My podcast guest schedule through April is listed on the home page of this website as well as having a built in app so tat you can listen to our podcasts right from this site and always for free."

Much more is contained in Ross' latest blog, including his thoughts on who stole the show on RAW, if he spoke to Lesnar in L.A. last weekend, AJ Lee's return, Curtis Axel maximizing his minutes, Rey Mysterio signing with AAA and much more. You can check out the full entry by clicking here.

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