Jim Ross Blogs On WWE Inducting Nash, RAW Ending With Reigns And Lesnar, Triple H - Sting, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on jrsbarbq.com. As always, you can purchase JR's BBQ products on WWEshop.com. Ross talked about last night's RAW in this entry:

- Congrats to my friend Kevin Nash on getting the nod to go into the WWE HOF This Saturday where he will be inducted by Mick Foley. Back in the early days of Kevin's career in WCW many of the politically charged power brokers would not give the athletic 7 footer the time of day. I put him on my WSB Radio Show that aired on Sunday nights and he made an impact because he could talk, was glib and highly intelligent. It was at that point that the higher up's discovered a side of Kev that they never took the time to to know and the rest is history. Kevin was one of the best "attraction wrestlers" of his generation and made an impact in front of and behind the camera in both WWE and WCW. I'm proud of him and even prouder to call him my friend.


- @HeymanHustle was once again stellar. Some folks liked the closing foreshadowing of the TV show with Lesnar and Reigns struggling over the WWE Title while others did not. Not my hill to die upon but I'm pleased that we did not see any physicality between the two main event talents in this Sunday's WrestleMania. The build to WM31 has been a mixed bag with both good and not so good but it also seems to have become a predictable mantra for many fans to discuss. I'm of the mindset to watch the event from home and then judge the show on it's actual merits and not on what I perceive the build to be. Could the build have been better? Absolutely. Does the build mean the actual presentation Sunday on the WWE Network is doomed for failure? Absolutely, not.


- Thought the Sting/HHH business was just enough and fully expect this match to exceed expectations. Can't express how happy that I am for Sting to be getting his WrestleMania Moment which is well deserved to one of the best guys in the business. We go back to his Blade Runner days in Mid South with Cowboy Bill Watts.

- I completely agree with WWE as it relates to Undertaker not being seen in person until his entrance at WrestleMania. I know he 'Big Dog' has been training like a MMA fighter preparing for a title bout so he will be ready without question.

Ross also discusses the IC Title Ladder Match, Ken Shamrock and more in this entry.