Kevin Owens Tweets Triple H, Alexa Bliss Vs. Sasha Banks Trivia Note, More On NXT Scheduling

- As seen on last night's WWE NXT, Alexa Bliss picked up a big non-title win over NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. The match was taped earlier this month at the Agora Theatre while WWE was in Ohio for The Arnold. In a bit of trivia, WWE interviewer Kyle Edwards noted on Twitter that Bliss had her high school senior prom in that same building.


- As noted, WWE NXT rescheduled this weekend's live events in Florida until early April. Part of the reason could be because the entire crew is getting ready to head to California for WrestleMania 31 week and with NXT's presence at Axxess and their live event in San Jose, it will be a very busy time for the brand.

- WWE NXT Champion Kevin Owens joked on Twitter about making his return from surgery and tagged Triple H in this tweet: