Lisa Marie Varon Says Husband Had Fling With Their Current Employee, Video Of Him Slamming Intruder

As noted earlier, TMZ reported that former WWE Diva Lisa Marie Varon's husband Lee slammed a gun-toting intruder at their Squared Circle restaurant in Chicago. You can check out footage of Lee taking the man down in the video above.


"He (my husband) used to be a bouncer when he was a young lad," Lisa said of Lee. "I think that guy crossed the wrong person."

Lisa took to her Twitter today and confirmed that she is no longer in Chicago and moved to California. She had noted on Twitter last November that a woman named "Liz" had been texting "her husband all day and night", and she wrote today that "Liz" no longer works at the restaurant.

Apparently she realized she was wrong from the video above, which shows the female bartender in question at the beginning:


She also said that she is taking a break from the restaurant:

Here is a photo of the employee in question with her last year:

Update: The legal counsel for Liz Dal Santo, who Lisa was referencing, is denying that Dal Santo had an affair with Lee. According to Daliah Saper of Saper Law, Dal Santo claims that Lee is just a friend, and is contemplating taking legal action after receiving hundreds of phone calls after Varon posted her phone number on Twitter last November. That tweet has since been deleted.

Gavin Horne contributed to this article.