Lucha Underground Results: Johnny Mundo Vs. King Cuerno Cage Match, Pentagon Jr In Action

Pentagon Jr vs. Argenis

Argenis kicks Pentagon right in his ass to start things off, and follows with a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two count. Argenis has Pentagon reeling and hits an Asai Moonsault to the outside. Argenis continues the dominance with a top rope huracanrana but Pentagon kicks out.


Pentagon fights back with a sloppy looking dropkick that stops Argenis in his tracks. Pentagon is back on his game and violently tosses Argenis into the turn buckle several times before dropkicking him for a two. Pentagon continues the beat down with a flip over the top rope. A package piledriver and his arm breaker get the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr via submission (arm breaker)

- Catrina is backstage with Fenix, and she says he must bury Mil Muertes.

- A hype video for Konnan is shown.

- A video of an unnamed man who had the also unnamed Asian woman in his trunk the last week is shown. The screen says "The Hunter Arrives."

Angelico vs. Ivelisse
Special Ref: Son of Havoc

Angelico tosses Ivelisse around, but she comes back with a series of armdrags and a big dive to the outside that takes Angelico out. She misses a dropkick, but strikes hims everal times before getting whipped into the buckle.


Havoc blocks Ivelisse and Angelico misses a big knee in the corner. Ivelisse locks on a knee bar, but it's broken. Angelico keeps putting Ivelisse in a series of sexually suggestive spots, one of which El Rey edited out.

Havoc again blocks Ivelisse, and allows her to put Angelico in a guillotine. During the hold Angelico again grabs her suggestively, making this match one big legal molestation.

Ivelisse continues to work well however, but gets decked and knocked out. Angelico pins her....suggestively again. Son of Havoc does a fast count to get him off of her.

Winner: Angelico via pinfall

- Catrina tells Mil Muertes that Fenix is going to put him away.

Cage Match
Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno

Mundo takes control early with a series of kicks, but Cuerno stifles a numbers of attacks and the two face off again. Cuerno slams Mundo to the mat and lands a nice top rope splash that only gets two.

Mundo gets flapjacked onto the top edge of the cage and starts working over Mundo's previously injured knee. Cuerno is relentless with his attack, and tries to escape the cage but gets caught by Mundo.

Mundo hits several kicks and a running knee, but Cuerno kicks out at 2. Mundo follows up with several elbows to the head. He puts Cuerno in a fireman's carry and runs him into the cage several times before landing a standing star press for two.


Johnny Mundo tries to escape, but gets powerbombed into the steel, then down to the mat for a two count. The two are up on the top of the cage, and Cuerno jumps out, but Mundo holds onto his mask and pulls him back over the top!

The two are on the top rope trading kicks and punches until they both go crashing to the mat. They take turns slamming each other into the cage until Cuerno goes crazy with a super kick and clothesline. Mundo hits a spear out of nowhere, but we just get a two count.

Mundo knocks Cuerno to the mat and has the match won, but climbs back to the top and hits an insane Starship Pain from the top of the cage for the pin! One of the best cage matches in recent memory, if not ever.

Winner: Johnny Mundo via pinfall (Starship Pain from the top of the cage)