Lucha Underground Results (3/18): Casket Match Main Event, Two World Title Matches Announced

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Best of 5 Series (Currently tied 1-1)
Aerostar vs. Drago


Drago quickly applies an Indian Deathlock, but Aerostar gets to the ropes. He follows up with a nice Alabamaslam, but only gets a two count. He starts working Aerostar over, who finally turns the tides after making Drago chase him around the ring and through the ropes.

Drago tosses Aerostar out and tries to get him counted out, but Aerostar makes it back in where he's welcomed by a draping DDT. Drago then lands a big swinging slam for a two count.

The two trade kicks until Drago is caught up in the ropes and eats a double foot stomp. Aerostar misses a splash, and Drago dives to the outside and takes him out. Back inside, Drago hits a running sitout powerbomb, but is knocked off the top rope.

For some reason Aerostar goes to the opposing turnbuckle, walks the second rope and hits a huracanrana. He lands a springboard splash for the win.


Winner: Aerostar via pinfall (springboard splash)

- Another Konnan hype video is shown. He's crafting a new cane or something.

3-on-1 Handicap Match
Big Ryck vs. The Crew

Ryck gets an early advantage, but the numbers game quickly leads to The Crew taking control. The group takes turns beating down Ryck, giving him their signature move, The Treatment. Ryck fights back briefly, but falls victim to a double foot stomp/DDT combo.

Ryck gets a cane and blasts everyone, pinning Bael and eliminating him. Ryck then double suplexes the two remaining members and clotheslines Cortez with the cane. See ya later, Cortez. He's pinned.

Cisco is left and goes to leave, but Sexy Star prevents it. He gets cracked by Ryck. Cisco is eating some really, really stiff shots. Finally, Ryck hits the uranage through a chair for the win.

Winner: Big Ryck via pinfall (uranage through a chair)

- Alberto El Patron vs. El Texano Jr in a bullrope match for the AAA title and Prince Puma vs Cage in a Boyle Heights street ight for the Lucha Underground Title are announced for next week.

Grave Consequences Match
Mil Muertes vs. Fenix (w/ Catrina)

Fenix attacks Muertes early, hitting a huge dive to the outside of the ring. Fenix also does a DDT on the edge of the casket and goes to do a dive, but Mil Muertes slams the casket in his face! Ouch.


Muertes is on the offensive and tries to rip Fenix's mask off. Fenix is bleeding big time as Muertes bites him. Muertes takes Fenix up to the top of the Temple and tries to suplex him off of Cueto's office. Fenix fights back, but is slammed into a giant steel unit above the office.

Back ringside, Muertes powerbombs Fenix onto the announcers table. Muertes sets the casket up in the corner and tosses Fenix into it. Muertes just keeps punishing Fenix.

Fenix fights back with a superkick, but gets caught with a super Codebreaker by Muertes. The two then brawl through the crowd, where a bloodied Fenix hits a Swanton to the floor on Muertes. He follows up with a great moonsault, too.

The two get to their feet and trade punches, and Muertes accidentally hits Catrina. Muertes goes back to biting Fenix's cut, but Catrina gets back up and opens the coffin. Fenix hits a big combo and goes up top, landing a big double foot stomp to knock Muertes in. Catrina gives the lick of death to a stone, puts it in the casket, and closes it. A fantastic casket match, maybe the best of it's type ever.

Winner: Fenix