Mick Foley Teases WWE Announcement, Chris Jericho Talks "Sharknado 3," Grumpy Cat On "Total Divas"

- E! Online has a clip from Sunday's season finale of Total Divas at this link. In the clip, Nattie meets Grumpy Cat when the cat appeared on RAW last November.

- E! Online has a deleted scene from last week's Total Divas here. In the clip, Vinnie asks Ariane to have their families meet while she tries to dodge the question.


- The Toronto Sun has an interview with Chris Jericho at this link, who discussed his comedy web series But I'm Chris Jericho airing on Shaw's Action channel in Canada this month. Jericho also discussed having a role in Sharknado 3, where he plays a ride attendant at Universal Studios, and how he would fare fighting a shark.

"I'd be scared to death, are you kidding me? Maybe if it was on the land, like if it was a Sharknado shark, you might have a chance. But if you're in the water? Man, you're screwed," Jericho said. "But that'd be a pretty admirable way to go, though? it'd be like the worst 30 seconds, but it's a pretty cool way to die. Yeah, you got eaten by a shark. That's like a Viking way to die."


- Mick Foley kind of teased a WWE announcement on his Twitter this week. Or he could just be messing with the IWC. He wrote:

L.O.S. The Butcher contributed to this article.