More On Brock Lesnar's Big WWE Announcement, Why He Was At UFC 185, Vince McMahon's Offer At RAW

As noted, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar announced on ESPN that he has signed a multi-year deal with the company.

Lesnar revealed that he signed a new deal at RAW in Los Angeles last night after receiving an offer he couldn't refuse. Lesnar said it took him over a year to decide and he wanted to be the one to make the announcement.

Lesnar got emotional at one point said his pro wrestling career is not over and his legacy here will continue but his legacy in UFC's Octagon is over. Lesnar said he wants to have fun and something was missing mentally while he's been training for a return to MMA. Lesnar feels he was born to be an entertainer and wondered what he would have to gain if he did return to UFC.

Lesnar said he couldn't refuse the offer that Vince McMahon made him at RAW and wanted fans to know before Sunday's WrestleMania 31 event. Lesnar said he wants to leave WrestleMania with the title. Host Michelle Beadle joked that she won't reveal who she's rooting for.

Lesnar also stated that his recent appearance at the UFC pay-per-view was not a negotiating tactic. He said he just wanted to feel the UFC energy for one last time. He added that UFC President Dana White agrees with his decision and that you can't force someone to fight.

Former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman, who now works for ESPN, also interviewed Lesnar and asked how much fun Lesnar is going to have sating with wrestling and not having to train for two fights a year. Lesnar agreed, and said that he had a lot of things going through his mind and that it "was a long heartfelt decision. He said that he's in a great position with his health and money, and that he's happy with his part-time deal. He said he always has fun and people who watch his matches also have fun. Lesnar said he loves the pro wrestling business and hates the travel so this new deal is good for him.

Chris and Isiah Maydwell contributed to this article.


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