More On El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo Passing Away After Match In Mexico Last Night

Note: The videos in this article may be disturbing to some viewers.

As noted earlier, top AAA wrestler Pedro Aguayo Ramírez, who wrestled as El Hijo del Perro Aguayo and Perro Aguayo Jr., died early this morning after an accident during a match in Tijuana, Mexico last night. He was 35 years old. The match was for the CRASH Lucha Libre independent promotion, and featured Aguayo teaming with Manik against Extreme Tiger (Tigre Uno) and Rey Mysterio.

During the match, Aguayo took a spinning head scissors from Mysterio that sent him outside of the ring. Aguayo immediately got back in the ring and took a dropkick from Mysterio to setup the 619. The initial cause of death appears to be a snapped vertebrae from how his head landed on the ropes.

Manik was then positioned on the ropes next to Aguayo for a double 619. As seen in the video below, Mysterio went to hit the move and missed Aguayo, who remained on the second rope slumped over. Manik went to check on Aguayo before being taken outside of the ring by Tiger. Mysterio then attended to Aguayo and quickly finished the match, while Konnan tried to revive Aguayo. EMTs were late to arrive because they were backstage tending to two other wrestlers injured earlier in the night. EMTs finally arrived and tended to Aguayo after the match while Mysterio addressed the crowd.

"When we get into the ring, we give ourselves and our best to our public. A real accident happened," Mysterio said. "...I ask you with my heart for a prayer that God protect him."

Aguayo was transported to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead around 1:00 AM local time.

As El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Aguayo was the top heel in AAA and the leader of the revolutionary Los Perros del Mal stable. He had recently headlined last Wednesday's AAA Rey De Reyes event, where he teamed with Pentagon Jr. against Rey Mysterio Jr & Myzteziz. Myzteziz posted video of the match on his YouTube channel, which is below.

We here at Wrestling Inc. send our sincerest condolences to Aguayo's family, friends and fans.

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